Community Guidelines

Sociohouse is an open social community social network, our goal is to allow people to express free speech, well, that's the plan at least. We want to make Sociohouse unique from other social networks out there, and for that, we need to draw out some rules and a visible line between free speech, and hate speech.
We define "free speech" as people expressing their opinions on topics, while respecting other religions, ethnicities, races, genders, and backgrounds, we define "hate speech" as descriminating against religions, ethnicities, races, genders, and backgrounds, this includes inciting violence, acts of terrorism, and causing harm to the public society.

The Sociohouse team has laid down some very basic rules that are going to express our goal of building a private, and friendly space on the internet, or as we call it a neighbourhood.

# Respect others

We've already summarised this one a bit in the above paragraph, our first step towards building a neighbourhood is to have friendly residents in there, see, psychologically speaking, you act like people who you are surrounded with, if we were to surround Sociohouse users with friendly people, we will have friendly people on the platform. Respect other members of the platform by expressing "free speech" not "hate speech", by not exploiting the human rights of others, by not bullying, or harrassing people online, etc.

# No Bots, Please.

We want people on the platform, not bots. So far, we've not encountered any bots on the platform, we want to keep it that way, Sociohouse is a platform built for communities and people to interact with, having bots, and other AI driven pieces of software creates many complications, the community doesn't seem natural, etc. so, "Keep Calm and Keep the Bots out of my house".

# No Abuse

Sociohouse is meant for communities, I feel like I've mentioned it a lot of times, we do not want to have illegal activites on our platform, we're willing to take strict measures towards houses which have been reported of using the platform, and potentially abusing it to trade illegal substances, pornography, CSAM, inciting violence, terrorism, vandalism, spreading false information, etc. we do not take this lightly, instant termination will occur.

We don't like pushing people out of the platform, and thankfully we've never stood a chance to do that, and I hope we never have to do that, these guidelines are in place as we want to keep the platform safe for our younger and more sensitive audience, this includes adults as well. In the past Social Media companies have struggled with the line of hate speech and free speech, we want to do it different, thus, we've laid out these rules, terminationg will only occur if any one of these rules if broken.

We don't terminate or kick people out of the platform on the request of any government agencies, that's just against our rules. As always thanks for using Sociohouse.

The Sociohouse Team